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Like the Hendersons, our Odom research has been quite a journey. The Odom and Henderson lines intersect with the marriage of Sarah Francis Odom and James H. Henderson about 1844 in Mississippi (marriage record not yet found in any of the counties where their families are known to have lived or the surrounding counties. Pike and Simpson Counties had fires and the early records were lost. Marriage date has been calculated by age of oldest child.) The Odom-Henderson line was previously covered in posts #14 through post #18 of this blog.

For many years, most of us researching this Odom line, have known that a Richard Odom was the father of Sarah Francis but various undocumented internet trees do not have the correct Richard and do not have his correct linage. The next few posts on this blog will attempt to present the correct information with documentation.

Richard Odom was probably born before 1792 in South Carolina. By 1820, he was residing in Pike County, Mississippi (1820 U.S. Census; Census Place: Pike, Mississippi; Page: 87, NARA Roll: M33_58; Image 119.) Also about 1820, Richard married his first wife, (First name unknown) Merchant. This marriage record has not been found but the date was surmised by the birth of their first child in 1821. Some trees assert the wife's first name as Mary or Nancy or Sarah or Jane. This needs more extensive research. On this 1820 census only two people were in the household, one male age "of 16 and under 26", and one female age "of 26 and under 49".

The next census record where Richard Odom is found is the 1840 census in Simpson County, Mississippi. (1840; Census Place: Simpson, Mississippi; Roll:217; Page 218; Image: 893; Family History Library Film: 0014841) In the household was the following enumeration: Males: Ages10-14, 2
40-49, 1
Females: Ages 5-9, 1
10-14, 2
15-19, 2
40-49, 1

By 1850, Richard's first wife Unknown Merchant had died and Richard had married Elizabeth Cook, widow of Joseph Purvis. Richard and Elizabeth had no children together.

In 1850, also in Simpson County, Mississippi, Richard's household is listed as follows: #27
Richard Oldham (name misspelled) Age 61 Farmer Born SC or NC
Elizabeth Oldham Age 50 SC cannot read or write
Elizabeth Oldham 20 Miss
James Pervis 13 "
Joseph Pervis 11 "
Alexander Pervis 9 "
(1850; Census Place: Simpson, Mississippi; Roll: M432_381; Page: 289A; Image 78.)

On the same page surrounding Richard are the following listings:
#25 James Henderson Age 21 Farmer Ala
Sara " 24 Miss Daughter of Richard & __Merchant
Allen " 2 "
Richard " 5/12 "

#26 Henry H. Thornhill Age 29 Farmer Miss
Lavina " 27 " Daughter of Richard & __Merchant
Sara A " 1 "
Dolly Oldham 18 " Daughter of Richard & __Merchant

#28 Solomon Thornhill Age 40 Farmer
Eady " 29 Daughter of Richard & __Merchant
John " 7
Asa D " 3

#30 John Oldham Age 23 Farmer Miss cannot read or write
Nancy " 25 Daughter of Elizabeth & Joseph Purvis
Isaac " 6
Mary A " 1
Lucy Pervis 18 Daughter of Elizabeth & Joseph Purvis

Examining Richard's age through the above census records, we can surmise that his age of 61 is about correct in the 1850 census. This would have put his birth in 1790 or 1791.
The 1850 census page listings is really incredible in that so many close family members are clustered, not only in the same county, but as neighbors. As the Odom family is explored going back in time, this same concept of moving and living in family clusters will be seen in previous generations.

Below are the known children of Richard Odom and his first wife, Unknown Merchant.
1. Edith Odom b. 1821 in Simpson County, MS; d. April 1860 Pike County, MS;
Married Solomon Thornhill.
2. James Richard Odom b. ca 1823 MS; d. 1898 Rapides Parish, LA. Married Cinderella Beall.
3. Lavina Odom b. ca 1823 MS; d. after 1860. Married Henry Thornhill ca 1840.
4. Sarah Francis Odom b. 10 August 1826 MS; d. 20 September 1911, Forest Hill, Rapides, LA. Married James H. Henderson.
5. John Odom b. ca 1825 MS; Married Nancy Purvis. d. after 1870 Trinity, TX
6. Elizabeth Odom b. 1830 MS (no other info)
7. Dolly Odom b. 1832 MS (no other info)

Some internet trees have other children listed as follows: Margaret (no other info); James Addison (It seems he has been confused with James R. listed above and also with James Addison son of the above listed James R. Odom and Cinderella Beall)

If we match the known children with the 1840 census, this is the exact result:

Males: 10-14-2: James R. and John
Females: 5-9 - 1: Dolly
10-14-2: Sarah Francis and Elizabeth
15-19-2: Edith and Lavina

Unfortunately, the 1850 census is the last one where Richard Odom appeared as he died in 1853.

Before going back to Richard's ancestors, here are his children and their children. Most of this information was taken from census records.

Edith Odom (1821-Aft 1860 Pike Co., MS) and Solomon Thornhill (1814-April 1860 Pike Co. MS)
John Solomon Thornhill (1843 - 1909)
Asa Denson Thornhill (1847 - 1927)
Amenda Jane Thornhill (1856 - 1942)
Clarissa Thornhill (1857 - 1887)
Minda Ellen Thornhill (1859 - 1942)

Lavina Odom (1823 - Aft 1860) and Henry Thornhill (1818-Apr 1860)
Sara Thornhill b. 1849
Joseph R. Thornhill b. 1850
Leroy Thornhill b. 1853
May or Mary Thornhill b. 1856

James Richard Odom (b.20 Dec. 1823) and Cinderella (or Sinderella) Beall (b.Abt 1824 - Aft 1850)
William W. Odom b. 1846
Nancy Odom b. 1848
Dolly J. Odom b. Aug. 1850

John Odom (b. Abt 1825) and Nancy Purvis (b. Abt 1825)
Isaac Odom b. 1846
Elizabeth Odom b. 1850
Jerry Odom b. 1854
Joseph Odom b. 1856
Richard b. 1858

Sarah Francis Odom (b. 10 August 1826) and James H. Henderson (b. 8 August 1821)
Allen Henderson b. March 1847
Richard Henderson b. December 1849
Caroline E. Henderson b. 5 March 1854
James W. Henderson b. 24 June 1856
Henry Henderson b. 4 September 1858
Sarah Frances Henderson b. 18 February 1862
Yosebia Lavinia Henderson b. 5 July 1865

Summary of known records of Richard Odom:

1813, Marion County, Mississipi tax list, 1 pole, no land. (will be discussed in next post)

1815, Private, 13th Regiment(Nixon's), Mississippi Militia, War of 1812, January 6, 1815 to
February 5, 1815. Captain Moses Collins' Company. Discharged 5th of Feb 1815.
Term of service charged 1 month; Amount of pay 8 dollars.
(Fold 3)

1816 Pike County, Mississippi census, Richard Odum: 1 white male 21+.

1819 Pike County, Mississippi 1 poll $1.

1820 Pike County, Mississippi 1 poll .75

1820 Pike County, Mississippi census, Richard Odom: 1 male 16-26; 1 female 26-44.
(All of above information from Historic Pathways, EShownMills)

1821 Pike County, Mississippi combination tax roll.
1822, 1824, 1825, 1827, 1828, 1829, 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834, 1835 combination tax roll Pike County.
(This information posted on Ancestry Tree by Dawn Driskell of Union, Mississippi)

1834, 1 Sept. Land sale from US Government to Richard Odom of Pike County, Mississippi,
81.5 acres, Washington, Mississippi; Certificate #1521. (Ancestry)

1840 Simpson County, Mississippi census, Richard Odem (see census information above)

1841 Simpson County, Mississippi combination tax roll.

1844 Simpson County, Mississippi personal tax roll. (Dawn Driscoll, Ancestry)

1845 Simpson County, Mississippi personal tax roll. (Dawn Driscoll, Ancestry)

1850 U.S. Census, Simpson County, Mississippi Richard Oldham (see census information above)

The next Post will be about Richard and his Odom ancestors.

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By comparing all of the information now gathered on James H. Henderson (1821 or 1822 - 1909), we now have a fairly accurate timeline for most of his life.

1821 or 1822 - Born in Clarke County, Alabama. (As stated on his Civil War Pension Application)

1846 (approximately) Simpson County, Mississippi (married Sarah Francis Odom) No marriage                  record found but this is where the Odom family was residing and 1846 is one year prior to the              birth of their first child.

1850 Simpson County, Mississippi  U.S. Federal Census.

1860 U.S. Census. Entire family missing but probably in Lawrence County, Mississippi. I have read            line by line both Simpson County and Lawrence County Census records.

1862  Lawrence County, Mississippi (As stated on Civil War Pension Application as his residence               when he joined the Confederate Army.)

1865 Lawrence County, Mississippi (As stated on Civil War Pension Application as his residence at            the end of the War.)

1869 Daughter Dorothy Henderson married Hugh Thompson in Lawrence County, Mississippi.

1870 Lawrence County, Mississippi U.S. Federal Census.

1873 Louisiana (probably Calcasieu Parish) As stated on Civil War Pension Application in 1899, that          he had lived in Louisiana for 25 years "last October" which would have been for twenty-five                years in October 1898 = moved to Louisiana October 1873.

1874 Marriage of daughter, Caroline Henderson to Sylvania Jefferson Dunn in St. Landry Parish,                Louisiana.

1875 Marriage of daughter, Sarah Frances Henderson to James Dudley Dunn in St. Landry Parish,              Louisiana.
         Marriage of son James W. Henderson to Laura Josephine Dunn probably in St. Landry Parish.           (some internet trees say Calcasieu Parish but no actual marriage record).

1880  Calcacieu Parish, Louisiana U.S. Federal Census. (Name misspelled Henneson)

1900 Spring Hill, Rapides Parish, Louisiana U.S. Federal Census.

1909 Died. Spring Hill now known as Forest Hill, Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Buried Butters                        Cemetery.

I hope the above timeline will help those who are researching this Henderson family and will give everyone a perspective on the movement of the family using as many of the records as are available at this time. One note: when the Henderson family moved from Simpson to Lawrence County, Mississippi, the children were young or not yet born so everyone moved. When the family moved from Lawrence County, Mississippi to Calcasieu Parish Louisiana, they all went together, parents, children and spouses and their children. Then, most of them ended up together in Rapides Parish.

If anyone has information to add or correct, please contact me as I would really like to fill in the missing pieces for this Henderson/Odom family.

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    In the previous few posts on Hendersons, the concentration has been on James H. Henderson and his wife Sarah Frances Odom Henderson and their family. James Henderson's ancestors are not definitely known although many internet trees have him connected to the Hendersons of North Carolina.  It will take a Y-DNA test to determine if that holds true and we now have that in process with a descendant of James.

     Reportedly, the father of James Henderson is Richard Henderson who was married to Temperance (maiden name unknown).  James said he was born in Clarke County, Alabama in 1821 or 1822.  There is, indeed, a Richard Henderson in that county in the 1830 census.  Richard is between 30 and 39 years old as is one female in the household.  There are also a number of children as follows: 1 male between 10 and 14; 2 females under 5; 2 females between 5 and 9; 1 female between 10 and 14 for a total of 6 children and 8 people total.

     There are also two other Hendersons in Clarke County in 1830.  One, Daniel Henderson and one, Matilda Henderson, widow of Wilson Henderson.  Both of these seem to be connected to other families but with further research, this could change.

     Richard Henderson does not appear in Clarke County probate records either intestate or testate. There is, however, a court record memorializing his death. In the Orphans Court Minutes of Clarke County on 9 July 1839, Temperance, widow of Richard Henderson appears and is ordered to appear again in August to show cause why Letters of Administration should not be granted in the probate of Richard Henderson. There was no other record where she did appear the next month. Below is a copy of this record.

Clarke County, Alabama. Orphans Court Minutes, p. 328; 9 July 1839. Henderson, Richard, est of.

    For now, this Henderson family will be left to further research without connecting to more ancestors that might be wrong. If anyone reading this blog has more information, please contact me as I am always interested in pursuing new avenues of research.

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4th Post on Hendersons

Below is a family photo taken at a Henderson reunion in Forest Hill, Louisiana about 1905.  Below the photo is the identification of the individuals appearing in the picture. This picture will hopefully be replaced with a better copy.

Henderson Family Reunion
Forest Hill, Louisiana
About 1905

Left to Right Children in front Row: First 2 unknown, Murph, Evie, Newt & Richard Henderson, Dewey Mizell, 2 Bond Children, Eddie Dunn, Orville Perry, Howard Butter, Clarence Perry, Edith Butter, Mary & Evie Henderson, Lee Perry. 2nd Row Sitting Ellis Chevalier and child, Henry Robert Butter, Dallas Butter, Lavinia Butter, Vanie Dunn, Emily & Henry Henderson, Laura & Jim Henderson, Clarence & Lydia & Houston Henderson, Grandpa (James H.) Henderson with Thelma Mizell in lap, Grandma (Sarah Frances) Henderson, Allen & Melissa Henderson, James & Frances Dunn with Lessie & Myrtle in their laps, Grif Perry with child in lap, Seebie Perry, Tabitha Henderson, Gertye Johnson holding Clyde, Fannie & Mary Ellen Perry, Ella Henderson.  Back Row: Lin Hicks, Arthur, Vergie & Dave Dunn, Lizzie Pittman, Eliza & Frances Henderson, Willie Henderson, Margaret Bond with Carrie in front, Marcus, Amanda, Alice & Emma Henderson, Sarah & Charlie Dunn, Mason & Clarinda and sarah Perry, Zettie Mizell, John & Theodore Henderson.  In Back Lyman Mizell with Vera & Richard Bond.

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3rd post on Henderson

     The previous two posts have presented and explained the known facts and documents available for James H. Henderson and Sarah Frances Odom Henderson.  In this post, I will attempt to put those bits of information together into a more cohesive picture of their life.  Only assumptions can be made for some of the gaps in records but using the known records surrounding those times, the assumptions are more educated guesses.  Below is a picture of James and Sarah, date unknown, but probably about 1900.

James H. and Sarah Odom Henderson
About 1900
     According to several records, James Henderson was born in Clarke County, Alabama on 8 August 1821.  The year varies somewhat but 1821 or 1822 seem to be correct.  So far, nothing is known of him again until he marries Sarah Frances (Francis) Odom about 1844-1846.  This guess is made because their first child, Allen W. Henderson, was born in May 1847.  No marriage record has appeared but Sarah's family was residing in Simpson County, Mississippi so it is likely that they were married either in Simpson or an adjacent county.  A word here - many internet trees have a marriage place of Bolivar County, Mississippi.  Looking at a map of Mississippi, this seems improbable since Bolivar is way north of Simpson and Lawrence Counties where the Hendersons lived for many years and where the Odoms were already living when James and Frances married.
     In the 1850 census James and Sarah are still in Simpson County and have their first two children, Allen and Richard.  So far, they have not been found in the 1860 census in any of the surrounding counties so it is possible the enumerator missed them.  However, in January 1862, James enlisted to serve in the Confederate Army in Brookhaven, Lawrence County, Mississippi so we can assume that in 1860 they were already living in Lawrence County.  Between 1850 and 1860 four more children were added to the family: Maryann Dorothy, Caroline, James W. and Henry.  James H. was released from service due to an ulcerated foot and leg and began to struggle to farm in order to provide for his family.
     The family was still residing in Lawrence County in the 1870 census and during the 1860's had added the last two children: Sarah Frances in February 1862 which is one month after James enlisted and Yosebia Lavinia in 1865.
     From James' pension application we know that the Hendersons moved from Lawrence County to Calcacieu Parish, Louisiana in October 1873.  They appear there on the 1880 census.  There is a huge gap in their life with the missing 1890 census but in 1900 they are in Forest Hill, Spring Hill Ward, Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  A great number of their family members resided in that area as memorialized in a family picture taken about 1905 at a Henderson reunion.
     Looking at the census records, it is obvious that James and Sarah did not just pick up and move by themselves.  In 1850, living in the second dwelling from James and Sarah, were her parents, Richard and Elizabeth Odom (misspelled Oldham).  On the same page is John Odom - possibly a brother to Sarah and son of Richard.  In 1870 on the same page as the Hendersons is the William Thompson family including their son Hugh B. and wife Maryann D(orothy), the daughter of James and Sarah. In 1880 in Calcasieu Parish, living next door to James and Sarah, are James D. Dunn and wife Sarah Frances (Henderson) Dunn, daughter of James and Sarah.  Three dwellings away is son Richard Henderson and four dwellings away are son James Henderson and wife Laura J. Dunn. In 1900, in Rapides Parish, on the same page as James H. and Sarah is granddaughter, Lavinia M. Dunn and husband Henry Robert Butter.  On the following page is son Henry Henderson and wife Emily and family.
     We don't know what prompted the Hendersons to move from Simpson to Lawrence County, Mississippi then to Calcacieu and on to Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  James was a farmer all his life but maybe they were following their children to new areas as most, if not all, of their children ended up in Louisiana.
     Sadly, by 1900, James H. Henderson had been denied a Civil War pension and struggled to farm enough to feed he and Sarah.  His diseased leg and foot never healed.  They did live surrounded by a large family so, hopefully, they had help when needed.  James died at age 87 on 3 April 1909 in Forest Hill, Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  He is buried in the Butter Cemetery in Forest Hill.  Below is a photo of his marker.

Tombstone James H. Henderson
Butter Cemetery
Forest Hill, Rapides, LA
     Again, there is a discrepancy on James' birth date as the the marker says he was born in 1811.  This has to be a mistake of the engraver or the person giving the information as nowhere is that date indicated in any of the records created while he was alive.
     Sarah Frances Odom Henderson lived another two years, residing with one of their sons in Forest Hill during that time. Sarah died 20 September 1911, age 85.  She is also buried in the Butter Cemetery, Forest Hill, Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  Below is a photo of her marker. Again, there is a mistake in birth date, the marker showing 1816, a full ten years before her actual birth.

Sarah Frances Odom Henderson
Butter Cemetery
Forest Hill, Louisiana

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2nd post on Hendersons

Continuing from the previous post, James H. Henderson served in the Civil War and as a result, applied for a pension. The actual pension papers are difficult to read when copied and posted to a website so below is a transcription of his application. In the question and answer section, James Henderson's replies are in red.
Page 1
Number 2692
Soldier's Application for Pension
James Henderson
P.O. Forest Hill
Company & Regiment Co A 22 Miss
Filed July 7th 1899

Page 2
I, James Henderson, a native of Alabama, now resident of Louisiana, Forest Hill, Rapides.........was a soldier from the state of Miss(issippi) in the Confederate States army...........

1. In what country, State, county and year were you born? Clark Co. Ala in the year 1821 on the 8th day of Aug.
2. When and where did you enlist, and in what company? Jan 1862 at Brookhaven, Lawrence Co. Miss in Co A Miss Grays 22nd Miss.
3.Name of regiment and company officers when you enlisted, and under whom you were serving at the date of your discharge or parole. Capt. Otiss 1st Liet Vest Guyn
4. Were you wounded...............what circumstances during war you received your injuries? was not wounded, was discharged on unknown sickness. Rheumatism and my left becoming injured and causing a very large ulcer which is still there never having healed. almost destroyed it.
5. What was the precise nature of your wound or wounds, if any? Ulcerated leg and foot
6. If you have lost a limb or an eye, state when and how. have not. my leg and foot has been nearly destroyed. at times can not use it.
7. Were you discharaged from the army by reason of wound, wounds or from the efficts of service? by the effects of service and desise (sic)
8. If discharged or paroled from the army, where were you and what did you do until the close of the war? at home in Lawrence Co Miss was unable to do anything.
9. What was the name of the surgeon who attended you when discharged? Dr. Phillips
10. Where were you at the surrender? at home in Miss.
11. If a prisoner, in what............. was not
12. Did you take the oath of Allegiance to the United States Government at any time during the war?
14. How long have you been a resident of the State of Louisiana next preceding the date of the application? Where have you resided during that period? Twenty-five years last Oct.
15. Are you married or have you been married? Yes
16. If so, what is the size of your family? self and wife
17. What is the respective ages of your wife and children? My wife is 74 years.
18. How many children have you, and how many of each sex? 4 boys and 4 girls all married and away.
19. Are you engaged in any business? If so, what do you earn? I try to farm.
20. Have you any estate in your own right, real or personal, and what is its value? have none whatsoever.
21. Has your wife any estate in her own right.........? none
22. How have you derived support for yourself and family if you have one, for the last five years?
by what I could make at farming
23. What prevents you from earning a living now? Old age and a cripled (sic) and desised (sic) leg and foot
24. Do you use any intoxicants to any extent? none whatever
25. Have you an attorney to look after this application? Yes
26. Give the name, address, and the compensation agreed between you.
E.E. Galligann, Forest Hill, Station
27. Give names of two or more of your comrades with their postoffice addresses.
H. B. Thompson Oakdale Alen Henderson Forest Hill
28. Give your postoffice address and that of two witnesses
Forest Hill, La HB Thompson Oakdale, La AC Henderson, Forest Hill, La

     The above application gives some great information as well as verifying information gathered or assumed from other sources.
     James says in question number 1 that he was born in Clarke County, Alabama on 8 Aug 1821.  This year agrees with his age given in the 1870 census and is one year earlier than is given in the 1900 census.
     In question number 18, he says he has four boys and four girls.  This agrees with the children found on the census records from 1850 through 1880 when there were children living in the house.  It also agrees with the 1900 census where Sarah Henderson said she was the mother of 8 children and 8 children were living. This seems to agree with the rest of question 18 when James says all the children are married and away indicating that they are all still living.
     In question 17 he gives his wife's age as 74; since this application is being submitted in July 1899, she would still be 74 turning 75 in August which puts her birth year in 1826.  This agrees with almost all the census records.
     In questions 2 and 8, James indicated that he enlisted in Brookhaven, Lawrence County, Mississippi in 1862 and returned there where he remained through the war's end.  This coincides with the place of residence in 1850 and 1870 (1860 is missing).
     In the 1880 census, the Hendersons have moved to Calcacieu Parish, Louisiana - but when?  His application gives the answer to that in question 14.  He says that as of October 1898 he has lived in the State for 25 years.  This means they moved there in October 1873.  This might be able to be verified by looking at the tax records for Calcasieu Parish.
     The two people James gave as having served with in the Civil War were Alen Henderson and HB Thompson.  Alen was his son who was born in 1848 and H B Thompson was his son-in-law who married daughter, Dorothy who was born in 1851.
     James Henderson's application for a pension was denied because his records could not be found.  Many of the Confederate records were lost during and after the war.

Next post: Summary of James  H. and Sarah Frances Odom Henderson plus pictures

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     In relation to this blog and the Butter and Dunn families, the Henderson family ties in through Sarah Frances Henderson who married James Dudley Dunn.  They had fifteen children the third of which, born in 1881, was Lavinia Matilda Dunn who married Henry Robert Butter.  They were discussed in an earlier post.
     Sarah Frances Henderson was born 18 February 1861 in Summit, Pike County, Mississippi.  She married James Dudley Dunn; she died on 14 August 1924 and is buried in the Butter Cemetery in Forest Hill, Rapides Parish, Louisiana. This couple will be covered later under the Dunn family but below is a picture of the tombstone for Sarah Henderson Dunn.

     Sarah Frances Henderson was one of eight children born to James H. Henderson (1821 - 1909) and Sarah Frances Odom (1826 - 1910).  The following list are the names, dates and spouses of the eight children.
     1. Allen W. Henderson b. 1847; d. 27 May 1925; married Melissa Peavy.
     2. Richard C. Henderson b. 15 Dec. 1849; d. 1 Dec. 1901; married Tobitha Bush.
     3. Dorothy Henderson b. Oct 1851; d. 14 June 1921; married Hughey Thompson.
     4. Caroline Elizabeth Henderson b. 5 Mar. 1854; d. 11 Aug. 1902; married Sylvester Jefferson Dunn.
     5. James W. Henderson b. 24 June 1856; d. 1 Aug. 1914; married Laura Josephine Dunn.
     6. Henry Henderson b. 4 Sept. 1858; d. 18 Apr. 1920; married Mary E. Bond.
     7. Sarah Frances Henderson b. 18 Feb. 1862; d. 14 Aug. 1924; married James Dudley Dunn.
     8. Yosebia Lavinia Henderson b. 5 July 1865; d. 10 Aug. 1940; married John Griffin Perry.
(The three Dunn spouses are siblings - the children of David William Dunn and Elizabeth Jane Hammock.)

     In order to properly document this family, following are the census records beginning with 1850 which is the first census that enumerated each person in a household.  It also is the first census taken after the marriage of James Henderson and Sarah Odom.


The James Henderson family is listed in Simpson County, Mississippi on the 21st August 1850; Dwelling and family number 25.
James Henderson          age 21     Male     Farmer     Born Alabama       Cannot read or write
Sara           "                  age 24     Female                 Born Mississippi    Cannot read or write
Allen          "                  age  2      Male                               "
Richard      "                  age 5/12  Male                               "

     There is a discrepancy with James Henderson's birth date and this census is one example.  If he were 21 years old in 1850, he would have been born in 1829.  This date is much later than all other records indicate as his age. This could be the enumerators mistake - writing 21 rather than 29. Two houses down is an Oldham family misspelled, as it should be Odom. This is the family of Sarah Frances Odom Henderson. They will be discussed in a future blog post.

 The Henderson family has not been found in the 1860 census even though extensive searches in Mississippi and Louisiana have ensued.  If anyone finds them, please make those findings known through e-mail or a comment on this blog.

     In 1870 the Henderson family is enumerated in Township 5 Range 11, Lawrence County, Mississippi; Dwelling and Family number 302.
Henderson, James          49     Male       Farmer               Born Alabama       Cannot read or write
       "          Sarah           46     Female    Keeps House     Born Mississippi    Cannot read or write
       "          Richard        20     Male       Farm Hand                  "
       "          Caroline E    16     Female                                       "
       "          James           14    Male                                           "
       "          Henry           11    Male                                           "
       "          Sarah F          8    Female                                        "
       "          Cely L            4    Female                                        "
     As seen in this census record, James is 49 years old which would indicate a birth year of 1821.  Two of the children are now gone from the household: Allen who would now be 22 years old and Dorothy who would be 19 years old.


     The 1880 census is interesting in several ways. First, the name is misspelled which made for a challenge in finding any of the family; evidently, the enumerator could not spell Henderson so it became Henneson for every family member on the page.
     1880 - Ward #1, Enumeration District 6, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana; 8 June 1880, Dwelling 111, Family 112.
                                                                                                         Born           Father       Mother            
Henneson, James          61          Laborer     cannot read or write      Alabama   Alabama  Alabama
       "         Sarah          58          Wife                       "                      Mississippi  Mississippi Mississippi
         "           Ceby L       15           Daughter                "                            "          Alabama        "

The next dwelling #112, family #113 is James D. Dunn and Sarah F(rances Henderson) daughter of above couple.
Dwelling # 114, Family #115 is Richard Henneson 28 (Henderson), son of James H. & Sarah F. Henderson along with his family: wife Mahaly 20, Son James C. 3, Daughter Emily P. 1; Adopted daughter Emily J. Bush 17 & Adopted Son James Baley 13.  (Emily J. Bush, 17 is probably the sister of Mahaly as she was a Bush)
Dwelling #115, Family #116 - James Henneson 24 (Henderson) son of James H. and Sarah F.  Wife Laura J. 20 (daughter of above James D. and Sarah Frances Dunn); Children - Daughter Margarit A and Son Alexander 2/12 (born in April).
Below is a copy of the section of the page where these families appear.

        There is a twenty year skip before the next census record as virtually all of the 1890 census was destroyed by fire in Washington, D.C.  So, we move ahead to the 1900 census where there is now an added feature especially helpful for genealogists - it asks the month and year of each person's birth.  This data must be cautiously considered as the informant is not known but, presumably, is someone in the same household.  In 1900 James and Sarah Henderson are enumerated in the Ward of Spring Hill, Rapides Parish, Louisiana; Dwelling #376, Family #377; enumerated on the 19th day of June 1900; Enumeration District 129.
     James Henderson is the Head of the house; born Aug 1822, age 77, Married 50 years; Born Alabama, Father and Mother born South Carolina; he is a farmer and rents.
     Sarah Henderson is Wife; born Aug 1826, age 73, Married 50 years; Mother of 8 children, 8 children living.  Born Mississippi, Father and Mother's birthplace Unknown; Cannot read or write.
     Helpful information for Sarah is that we now know that she gave birth to eight children and they are all still living in 1900.  This means that none were missed that may have been born and died between census years. A discrepancy appears in number of years married - 50; they were actually married between 54 and 56 years at this time. 1900 is the last census for James H. Henderson as he died in 1909 at the age of 88.

     To complete the census records for this couple, below are the 1910  records for Sarah Frances Odom Henderson, which is the last year she appeared in the census.  She died in 1911.
Sarah is still in Spring Hill, Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  Now she is in the household of her son James Henderson and his family.  The enumerator has her age at 94 which is incorrect.  Her age has varied through the census years but only by a year or two so she was probably born in 1826 as was stated in the 1900 census.  If this is true, then she would be 83 in the 1910 census.

     This concludes the census records for this couple.  In the next post will be other records and pictures to complete what is known of their lives.